Themes are a feature which recolor the normal colors into different colors but in a specific theme. 5 themes are free and 5 others cost money, making a total of 10 themes available in the flow free applications. Unlocking all themes requires 2 dollars, and unlocking them all or any theme will remove advertisements.

List of themes

Theme Main colors Cost
Classic Theme Default colors. Free
Dark Matter Darker shade of colors, purple. Free
Honeycomb Orange, yellow, brown. Free
Pretty Pink Lavender, red, pink. Free
Holiday Gift Red, green. Free
Neon Rainbow Neon rainbow colors. 1 dollar
Pastel Colors Pastel colors (lighter shades of colors). 1 dollar
Fall Harvest Red, brown, orange. 1 dollar
Winter Chill Shades of blue and gray. 1 dollar
Spring Greens Green. 1 dollar


  • They also color the red, blue, green, yellow and orange titles.

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