A hint is a part of the solution. They appear in all 4 Flow Free applications. When clicking on the hint icon, it completes a flow, and 2 checkmarks appear on the pipe.

Obtaining hints

There are 2 ways to obtain hints:

  • Watching advertisements: Hints can be obtainined by tapping on the video icon. Once they tap on the icon, they will watch an advertisement-based video that will last a maximum of 30 seconds. After that video, they will receive a free hint for each video.
  • In-app purchases: Hints can also be infinitely bought from the store.

Hint in-app purchases

Name Description Cost
20 Hints It gives the user 20 hints. 3 dollars
5 Hints It gives the user 5 hints. 1 dollar


  • As of April 16-17 2018, Big Duck Games LLC made it possible to earn hints without buying them via in-app purchases.