Flow Free: Hexes is here! The next evolution of Flow Free. Think outside the box.
—BigDuckGames on Twitter, announcing the game.

Flow Free: Hexes is a singleplayer puzzle game available for iOS, Android & Windows Phone developed and published by Big Duck Games LLC on October 12 2016.

How to play

The game is very similar to the Flow Free App, as the game presents numberlink puzzles, where the objective is to connect dots of the same color by drawing 'pipes' between them such that the entire grid is occupied by pipes. However, the only difference is that this game's grids are shaped as hexagons instead of squares like in the original application and other expansions, such as Flow Free: Bridges and Flow Free: Warps.



  • It is the only game out of the 4 to have the squares shaped differently from other games.
  • The level grids from the level selection menu also appear to be hexagon shaped instead of square shaped.
  • On the background, it also has flows that are moving diagonally instead of straight from left, right, north or south.

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